Sunday, October 21, 2012

McLintock, Maureen O'Hara, And The Cinema's Most Famous Spanking

(Last spanking post for a while, I promise!)

I learned via the excellent Blossom and Thorn spanking blog that the divine ms. Maureen O'Hara celebrated her 92nd birthday recently. One of her most enduring films, McLintock is famous/infamous for having what is widely regarded (among fetishists, anyway) as the best spanking in a mainstream film (plus a second, lesser known but also very good spanking for Stephanie Powers.) The spanking is literally the climax of the movie; the culmination of John Wayne's war with his willful, ill-tempered wife. It's the cherry on top of a comedic chase through town that sees O'Hara's bratty Katherine stripped of her clothes and plunged into a water trough in front of the laughing townspeople, before being pulled across her husband's knee and paddled in front of the snickering rabble.

I think this scene may have inadvertently turned more kids into fetishists than any other in the history of movies ( a search on Google for "Mclintock spanking" turns up 22,500 results.) The spanking community is full of stories from folks who caught it on TV on a rainy afternoon as a child and found themselves changed forever... and I was among them (although frankly, I think I was on the path well before that.) And I'm sure I wasn't the only one around here who liked to imagine that the leggy Katherine taken home, put into diapers, and dressed like a baby for her childish behavior during the rest of the movie...

For a more in depth analysis of the movie and it's impact (including a lively discussion in the comments thread) visit the above mentioned blog entry. I'll include video of both spankings below for your viewing enjoyment, including the entire chase scene preceding the second one (the impatient among you can skip to 5:25.)

Becky spanked on Youtube

Katherine spanked on Youtube