Friday, September 7, 2012

Ms. Fujimura’s Diaper Demotion

Trying something a little different here. This piece is inspired by the terrific photo stories found on Elizabeth Forster’s excellent spanking blog Sexuelle. Tell me what you think.

     Masami heard the whispers first. Right there in the middle of reading Macbeth Act 3 Scene 2 when she heard the first hushed titters and giggles among the students.
     She paused and gave them an annoyed look. “Hey, quiet down!” she demanded, infuriated when her attempts to restore order were greeted with more snickering.  She frowned at them. ‘Ms. Fujimura’ as she was known to her students was quite pretty—it wasn’t unusual for one of her less mature students to make a comment about a bit of exposed leg or her bust line and draw some cheap laughs from the boys and cold stares from the girls. It was annoying, and forced her to adapt an ‘Iron Fist’ policy toward misbehavior. “Hey, enough! What’s so…”
    And then she felt it: a warm trickle down the inside of her soft smooth thighs. Hesitantly, she looked down at herself, horrified to a spreading stain on her crotch and an expanding puddle around her shoes.
     “Ms. Fujimura wet her pants!” someone squealed near the back. The entire class burst into raucous laughter, leaving their poor teacher blushing and clutching her book to her chest as she helplessly wet herself in front of the class.

     “Oh dear.”
     The nurse had said it comfortingly, but Masami could tell by her smug smile when she saw the big wet patch on her skirt that the little bitch found her predicament quite amusing.
     “Did someone have herself a little accident? Hmmm? I can tell that someone must have a very damp set of panties under that skirt.”
     Taking her by the hand, the nurse dragged Masami into the office and shut the door behind her. “The first thing we’ve got to do is get that skirt off.” Masami looked at her wide eyed, but the nurse was resolved. “Come on Ms. Fujimura—don’t dawdle,” she commanded, landing a sharp slap against Masami’s bottom. The young teacher yelped and rubbed her tush ruefully, fixing the nurse with an angry stare. But the little bitch just stared at her expectantly, and Masami, blushing hotly, undid the skirt and pulled it down her soaking wet legs.

   The nurse led her into the examining room looking ridiculous with a suit coat and blouse on top and nothing but a pair of pee soaked panties below the waist. Masami froze and turned bright red when she realized there was a student in the room. The nurse beamed at her. “This is Yasu, my student assistant for the semester.”
     The girl introduced herself through poorly hidden giggles. Masami could just stand by, blushing and fuming impotently. The nurse and Yasu weren’t even trying to pretend they weren’t laughing at her. She realized she was at the mercy of two jealous, petty bitches that would use the situation to humiliate her to the fullest extent. It was difficult to tell, but she thought she may have overheard words like “diuretic,” “plan,” and “worked perfectly”-- or was she just being paranoid?
     “We have to act quickly so the patent doesn’t get a diaper rash,” the nurse said sternly, patting Masami’s sopping wet rump for emphasis. The young teacher’s ears burned with shame as she heard Yasu giggling.
     “Yasu?” the nurse asked the girl, “would you take Ms. Fujimura’s panties off for her?”
     Ms. Fujimura turned white: she gave a shocked look, first to the nurse, then to the girl, who was grinning delightedly. Masami forced herself to hold still as the sopping wet panties were peeled off her and drawn down her legs. How could this possibly get more humiliating?

     “Spread her cheeks firmly,” the nurse smiled sadistically as Yasu reached out with her left hand and parted Masami’s creamy buttocks, revealing the adorable crinkle of the young teacher’s anus.
     “You can’t do this!” Masami protested, tightening as she felt the thermometer approaching, bringing back embarrassing memories of childhood sick days spent over her mother’s warm lap with a cold glass tube up her butt.
     “You hush young lady!” the nurse scolded reaching around to swat Masami’s quivering derriere, making the teacher squeal. Yasu grinned with malicious delight as she brought the thermometer closer and closer to Masami’s vulnerable little anus.
     “Pucker up, Ms. Fujimura,” she giggled, pushing the greasy glass tube right up her bum.
     “Yeek!” Masami squealed, the humiliation boiling up inside her. Laying there with a thermometer firmly inserted into her butt like a child, these two ghouls clearly delighting in her shame, she realized she never felt more naked or helpless in her entire life.
     “Now now, Ms. Fujimura,” the nurse clucked soothingly. “You just settle down or we might have to give you and enema!”
     Yasu grinned and nodded enthusiastically as Masami bit her cheek and squirmed, not wanting to find out if they were joking or not.

     This can’t be happening! Ms. Fujimura thought in a panic. Beneath her the diaper bulged obscenely, exactly like something you’d see on a toddler or a teenage bed wetter—not the sexiest teacher in school.
     Behind her, she could hear that evil bitch nurse and her snickering little lapdog Yasu whispering and snickering behind her back—still plotting against me, no doubt! Masami thought, squirm in her diapers. The pampers were bulky and hot, and they crinkled loudly with her every move. She realized, with a squishy feeling in her stomach, that even if nobody noticed the massive diaper beneath her skirt, they would still almost certainly hear them crinkling.
     “How do you like your dydees, Ms. Fujimura?” the nurse cackled reaching forward and patting her bulging backside firmly, making Masami squeal.
     “Let’s see how hot the boys think you are once word gets out that you’re a diaper-wearing pissy-pants!” Yasu laughed, glorying in Ms. Fujimura’s embarrassing downfall.

     “Stick that pampered bottom in the air right now, missy!” The nurse commanded, pushing Masami down on her chest roughly. Ms. Fujimura obliged with a dissenting squawk, sticking her massively diapered butt up in the air. Yasu reached out and rubbed the thickly padded seat of the diaper.
     “So cute!” she chirped, making Ms. Fujimura blush and fume. “If she has another accident, no one will ever know!”
      Masami stewed, beyond angry at this treatment. But there wasn’t much she could do about it now. It was, she reflected, probably silly to complain about being treated like a child when she was already wearing an absurdly thick diaper.

     “Yasu, would you be as kind as to escort Ms. Fujimura back to class?” The nurse asked once they had Masami’s skirt dry and back around her waist.
     Masami wasn’t impressed: as she predicted, the huge, bulky diaper made her butt stick out behind her, and gave her hips an exaggerated pear shape. Worse was the omnipresent crinkle accompanying her every move—her own personal tattletale, revealing her shameful secret every time she so much as took a step.
     She struggled futilely as Yasu took her by the hand and began dragging her back to class. “Come on, Ms. Fujimura,” scolded the nurse cheerfully, “you can’t hide in here all day… got to go back out there and face the music sometime.” Masami glared daggers at her, but she just laughed and gave her swaddled tushy a  swat as she passed. “Take care sweetie.”
     They arrived outside the class. Masami stood in front of the door stupidly, unable to force herself to open the door.
     Yasu took her arm and roughly spun her around, until Ms. Fujimura was confronted with the girl’s small cruel eyes. “Show it to me before you go,” she demanded reaching out toward the front of Ms. Fujimura’s skirt. Masami struggled feebly, but gave up when the girl grabbed her wrists roughly and hissed: “Oh, but you don’t mind flashing a little panty to the boys every now and then right? Show me those diapers right now, missy, or I’ll pull them down and tan our ass right here in front of everyone!”
     And although the girl was nearly five years younger than herself, Ms. Fujimura still found herself compelled to obey. Hesitantly, she reached down, took the hem of her skirt, and forced herself to raise it, exposing her padded, diapered crotch to her youthful tormentor….

     “Good girl,” Yasu chuckled, reaching out to pat the teacher’s padded crotch. She reached behind her and opened the door. “Hurry back to class now!”
     The girl shoved Ms. Fujimura through the door. Masami struggled to keep her balance, but the bulky diaper was throwing off her equilibrium. She tripped, skidded, and tumbled across the floor, drawing every eye in the room toward her. Her skirt rode up over her bulging backside, and when she came to a stop, Ms. Fujimura found herself on the floor, dazed but unhurt, her massive pampers exposed to the entire class.
     There was a long pause as every boy and girl in class drank in the scene before them: the leggy, sexy young teacher, who’d been the subject of more than a few steamy classroom daydreams, sat before the students exposed as a panty-wetting, diaper wearing baby.
    All at once, Ms. Fujimura found herself at the center of a maelstrom of laughter. The boys treated themselves to long, lingering looks at her exposed legs, while the girls were delighted to see their older rival humiliated in front of an audience like this.
     Masami burst into tears, her embarrassment overwhelming her. “Stop laughing at me!” she demanded petulantly, her usual stern demeanor in shambles. Her plea for mercy only earned her more derisive laughter… with a sinking feeling, Masami realized she was wetting her diaper again, and that her efforts to regain control were completely unsuccessful.
     Panicked, humiliated, and desperate to escape, the strict Ms. Fujimura quickly rolled all fours and scrambled out of the classroom on her hands and knees like a giant baby, her massive diapered butt wiggling and crinkling behind her—announcing her diaper demotion to the entire world.